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Xiaomi smartphones banned in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has barred leading Chinese Mobile Company Xiaomi from selling its smartphones in Pakistan.

Lately,  an unofficial Xiaomi online store is being run under the domain, which contain almost the same layout as official Xiaomi website (

The website is being operated privately with some connection to MI International, and they are also offering international warranty of the products as well as the smartphones.

Above all the website is selling products on uneven prices than the official one.

However, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has restricted the website to sell products in Pakistan.

The following massage was posted on the website for their customers that they are having some legal issues with the Government of Pakistan. No sooner they will continue their services than they got any reasonable to address.

A Message to Our Customers

The Pakistani Concerned authority (PTA) through Mr Nauman Khalid “[email protected]” has demanded that has to stop the sale/marketing of all Mi mobile devices. This moment calls for public discussion, and we want our customers and people around the country to understand the monopoly of some brands in market.

A Dangerous Precedent

According to IDC, in October 2014 Xiaomi was the third largest smartphone maker in the world, following Samsung and Apple Inc.

Mi Smartphones are sold globally and have great market share in smartphones industry and we believe that Pakistani market deserve to have fair competition but these events make us ponder that some competitors believe to grab market through influence instead of competing with quality and service.

Right to Know

We have great respect for the authorities at the PTA, and we believe their intentions are good. But it is quite surprising that Pakistani customer’s right has been denied without any reason. if they have any legitimate concern we are ready to address it but so far we haven’t got any rational reason.

What’s Next

Unfortunately we are halting sales of Mi smartphones until this get settled in the mean time we will try our best to get smartphones in your hands as soon as possible, We will continue to provide you Mi accessories with best rates and services.


ProPakistani reported via its sources that some vendor and distributers had applied to get No Objection Certificate (NOC) from PTA for sailing Xiaomi smartphones in Pakistan, which was turned down, because Xiaomi doesn’t operate in Pakistan through a physical office.

As per the constitution, any company willing to import and sell smartphones in Pakistan must register its business in Pakistan and then apply for NOC and Type Approval before selling the smartphones.

The  registered companies, that are liable to get NOC and types approvals, are also required to provide warranty and after sales services to consumers in Pakistan.

So far no official statement has been made on the following issue by the authorities.