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Gender Discrimination Regarding Women’s Development – By Muhammad Faizan Jamil

The earning gap between men and women identifies the gender discrimination regarding the wages percentages in all over the word. Women earn 60% of men’s wages that depicts the unfair distribution of work money among the both genders. Many researches show such results that, those women who are working higher level jobs earn less salaries as compare to male worker those are working lower level jobs. The wage difference is not only exist between men and women, it also exists between those women that are having children and those who are child-less, the reasons suggested behind this discrimination is the productivity level, some researchers of the opinion that, mothers are less productive as compare to the less-child women.

As the discrimination towards the women is concerned, it is not just happens in the field of economics, it has its vast influence on all aspects of our progressive frameworks e.g. in England, the right to vote was granted to women in the second decode of twentieth century through the ‘Representation of people act’ and the age limit discrimination was also marginalize women, like at that time men can cast his vote at the age of 21 and women had to be 30 years old for using her voting right. One of the biggest fortunes regarding women progress is the social and domestic restrictions around our social scenarios. My points of view is that, many times we ignore the value of women’s participation and do not give any credit on their achievement in such type of subordinate situation where they take part in many beneficial actions.

Our religion also give stress towards the rights of women, Islam talks about the autonomy, self-respect and proper share in the property for the women, but we neglect these rulings and do not feel any bother upon such type of dis-obedient acts while giving the proper rights to women. It is very important to develop a favorable social, cultural, economic, structural, political climate and enhance women capabilities while supporting women’s development. In all sorts of development plans, the equal autonomy and self-opportunities should be given to all the individuals of the society as the sustainable progress is concern.