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Mahira asking for cigarette from Fawad? video leaked!

KARACHI: Renowned TV actress Mahira Khan, who is going to star next to Bollywood’s King, Shah Rukh Khan in his most anticipated movie, Raees, was caught off camera asking for a smoke from his Hamsafar co-star Fawad Khan.

Fawad who was probably  a guest in one of Mahira Khan’s TV show, said something to her, which went unheard due to Beep sound from the video editor.

However, the host Mahira gets close to Fawad Khan during a commercial break and says she ‘wants to smoke’. To which Fawad Khan suggest her in normal way to go out and have one, as per her wish.

Though all this happened during the break time, however, the scene was captured on camera and has been leaked on social media.

Here is the complete video of this incident:

Mahira Khan Asking For Cigarette From Fawad… by gogle101