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Funny chat video between Saudi boy and American girl is viral now!

LONDON: The web chat video between a young Saudi boy and a beautiful American girl has taken the internet by storm.

The blue-eyed beauty tries to keep up with the young, naughty and non-English speaking Saudi guy who keeps repeating his love interest in the girl with every other sentence he speaks.

This is the second video of the series. In the first video, the boy meets her internet crush, blue-eyed beautiful girl namely Christiana and proposes her in his proper Saudi style and in an English-Arabic-like language, which probably may not be understood outside Saudi Arabia.

The young Saudi boy’s confidence, his eagerness and ‘love’ for the girl i worth watching in this video.

Here is the complete video of hilarious video chat between Saudi boy and American girl.

Another Hilarious Web Chat Between A Saudi Boy… by gogle101