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Malenia Trump’s website closed amid controversy

NEW YORK: Democratic Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump announced Thursday that her website has been taking down as it contained inaccuracies.

Without specifying the inaccuracies, she tweeted, “The website in question was created in 2012 and has been removed because it does not accurately reflect my current business and professional interests.”

Now, if you write in Google’s address bar, you will be redirected to , stuffed with pictures of the pictures from golf courses and five-star hotels.

Malenia’s website claimed that she received an undergraduate degree in Slovenia.

Whereas, her biography of book, “Melania Trump: The Inside Story,” reveals that Trump gave up schooling after just one year in order to focus on her burgeoning modeling career.

The news first reported by Huffington Post, followed by CNN.

As CNN reports, It is still to be confirmed that what prompted the website’s removal. But the revelation comes after her speech at the Republican National Convention last week plagiarized parts of Michelle Obama’s 2008 address at the Democratic National Convention.

Image: NYtimes