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State of emergency should not lead to state of Erdogan

Political scientist say that chances of martial law in country is inversely proportional to the strength of political parties. On the night of 15th July, Turkey proved it and changed the course of history and indeed put their country on the path, free from the fear of army’s hard core mindset. It was believed that in Turkey, army is the custodian of liberal constitution of country but with this failed attempt, the Turkish army cuts its own feets and now will have to face the fierce reaction of victorious government. 250 people lost their lives in battle between democracy and military attempt to capture the throne.

The president, Recip Tayyab Erdogan belongs to a low middle class family of Turkey but reached to the powerful position through his administrative and financial successes. The dept free Turkey, a tourism hub, dramatic rise in GDP and betterment in the lives of middle class were the reason for attaining 49 % popularity.

However, is some past years, president Erdogan personality is also becoming controversial after curb on press freedom, building 661 million $ palace and controversial audio tape of his son.

The military coup has failed and three factor played vital role; first one is the disunity among army as the army chief himself was not in favor of coup and rebels had to arrest him before the course of action. Second was the attitude of other political parties, they took the side of government and the all voters of the country regardless of the political affiliation opt pro government side. Third one, was the already present threat, the president had already cautioned his party followers about the disturbance in military circles against the ideological reconstruction approach.

Now! The government is under complete control and well wishers of the coup are facing the music of their misdeeds. Till now; 50,000 people have been detained or thrown form their jobs for their alleged participation in coup planning. In army, 110 general and admiral have been taken into custody and investigations are going one for the nature of roles, everyone played against government.

Government has imposed state of emergency in Turkey until investigations are not concluded. According to the president “we have gotten an opportunity to clean the virus from army and we‘ll not lose it”.

One of the senior official of the government has cleared that execution of the coup planners is not out of option but Europe at the same time made it clear that Turkey might lost its chance to join Europe, in case, planner are executed.

Any decision to execute the military personals involved can lose the morale of army. Turkey should not go for this option as the neighborhood of country is unstable.  A common pardon would boost the global and country image of Erdogan as a statesman but it is highly unlikely. If government did not lose the option of execution what will be difference between them and brutal army take over’s in the past.

As far as the public role is concerned, they did tremendous job to safeguard their right of freedom to choose. They have become a shining example for Muslim counties especially Pakistan and Egypt. It is because of the investment in human development which the president did and now the fruit of effort has ripened.

It is not hidden that from a time being, president was trying to re install the Islamic culture in society and army was the biggest hurdle in it. Now, the ground is clear and significant changes are expected and what would they? This is a question that will form the future of Turkey.

Some analysts fear that this state of emergency will further strengthen one man rule in Turkey. Ban on media, and new Islamic laws under the light of Erdogan ideology are in pipeline.  In future, government would use these tactics to silent anti government voices.

Two questions have gained the fundamental importance; government’s attitude toward rebels and will government use this opportunity to make Turkey a pure democracy.

Probably government would choose fierce punishment option to set example but this would definitely lay the foundation of civilian dictatorship. People gave their lives to save people from brutal army rule not for making Erdogan civilian dictator.

The president needs to understand that civilian leaders win hearts through patience and they should have courage to face criticism. This is an opportunity to strengthen the political system in country as public has given clear message. The custom and ides that have gained roots through Ataturk model will need time to replace and any rapid lawmaking to re infuse the Islamic spirit can put Turkey in the turmoil of religious extremism.

President Erdogan made it through the human development and this development should be the focus to make this country truly democratic.

Erdogan is a person – democracy is a culture, this sacrifice of lives is for democratic Turkey and in case Turk president used them for throwing out his critics, the situation would not be different from Egypt and Libya, where people have to bear the tyrannical rule of Kaddafi and Husni mubarik.

Erdogan should know that pictures of naked parade of army personals,  arrested for coup can cool down his anger but these pictures would strengthen Turk enemies and how will this demoralized army will guard your borders.

About Blogger: Hussain Anwar is an engineering graduate but have an avid interest in current affairs and international politics