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Salman Khan to get married on November 18

MUMBAI: Wait is over! Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has finally revealed the date he wanted to marry and said it was November 18.

However, the Indian Sultan did not unveil the year in which he wanted to get hitched but just announced the date only.

At the launch of Sania Mirza’s autobiography, Ace Against Odds, Sania herself asked Salman, ‘Everyone wants to know when are you getting married? It’s the most important question, Indian Express reported.

While a slightly embarrassed Salman paused to think of an appropriate answer, the emcee of the event suggested, “18th November.”

For those of you who might not know, November 18 happens to be the date on which Salman’s father Salim married his mother and his sister Arpita also got married two years ago on November 18.

When Sania further teased the Bollywood superstar that not many women were complaining his act of stalling marriage, the star actor stated:”I know a few who are complaining. You don’t know the amount of pressure on me,” he said.

Salman stated that he was talking about his mother and sisters, who were pressurising him to get married.

Earlier this year, rumours had started doing the rounds that Salman had intended to get married this year to his girlfriend Lulia Vantur.

However, both had rubbished the claims and all talk of marriage.