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‘Qandeel’s murderer are Mufti Qavi, ex husband’

MULTAN: Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch’s murder has taken a news turn as slain model’s mother has surfaced on media and made officials revisit the issue.

According to Qandeel’s mother,  Mufti Abdul Qavi, ex husbands Ashiq Hussain and Shahid are directly involved in her daughter’s murder.

She recorded her statement to police, in which she claimed that Qandeel’s brother and murderer Waseem is in contact with Mufti Qavi and Ashiq Hussain.

Qandeel’s mother has also stated that a mysterious person was seen in their street at the time of her murder, the person later entered their home too.

Multan police has nominated Mufti Abdul Qavi in Qandeel’s murder after this statement.

Earlier, her killer Waseem, who has admitted her murder, stated that he killed Qandeel for honour.