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What Mufti Abdul Qavi said on Qandeel’s murder?

LAHAORE: Mufti Abdul Qavi said the first information which he received was that Qandeel’s brother strangled her to death and he thought it was her brother’s furious reaction which appears to be honor killing.

He further said his scandal happened on Ramadan 13, and the murder was result  of  recent news regarding her, such as appearance of her two husbands and she is also has a son.

Her claims of having contact with Shahid Afridi and his positive response with a smile when Qandeel offered him to show her strip dance.

He thinks that when he was accused, he forgave her on media and social media. Though, the reaction of his family and his followers, he forgave her and left the rest of the matter to God.

Qandeel told Qavi that her brother is major in army but later it surfaced he was only Subedar.

Qavi mentioned it broke his heart when Qandeel called him a liar but he did not cursed her despite he prayed for her.

He concluded her talk saying that people should take lesson from Qandeel’s death and never falsely accuse anyone.

Finally, he totally condemned what had happened to her and he forgives her for whatever she had done to him.

Mufti Qawi’s reaction to Qandeel Baloch’s murder by gogle101