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Coup attempt in Turkey fails, reports

ANKARA: The coup attempt by the rebel group of Turkey army has been failed, as hundreds of thousands of people took to streets in Ankara and Istanbul, reported.

According to reports from Turkish media police have detained most of the soldiers involved in attempted military coup on Friday night as hundreds of thousands people took onto streets to show solidarity with the elected government.

The streets have now been seized with arms-less masses protesting against  attempted coup.

TheNewsTribe’s Turkey desk, while sighting Turkish media, reported that the soldiers involved in illegal coup attempt retreated from National Intelligence Service (MIT) headquarters after MIT forces fought against fire with fire.

Protesters now seem to foil the bid of takeover, as army men have been surrounded by the pro-Erdogan protesters and they are taking control of tanks on the streets.

Earlier a military helicopter opened fire over capital Ankara, as witnesses heard an explosion in the capital after a group from the military announced that it had launched a coup to take over the government.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan and government officials have said the coup lacks broad support within the military. Erdoğan has called on citizens to take to the streets in defiance.

Meanwhile, a military helicopters also attacked the headquarters of TURKSAT satellite station and the National Intellegence Agency.