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France truck attack kills 84

NICE: At least 84 people were killed in France’s city of Nice as a truck driver plowed through the crowd gathered to celebrate Bastille Day on a coastal promenade.

The deadly attack sent terror-scarred French nation reeling again as the deadly attack killed 84 people and left 81 people critically injured.

The truck driver was reportedly told to be a Muslim, as he screamed Allah u Akbar before ramming plowing the massive vehicle on the masses, witnesses said.

An official told that the truck was loaded with explosives and weapons. The  beach was packed with families that had come to see the celebratory fireworks, leaving bodies in his wake.

French president François Hollande said in his early-morning address that the attack had “undeniable traits of terrorism.”

“France has been struck on its national day — July 14, a symbol of freedom — because human rights are denied by fanatics and France is of course their target,” Hollande said.