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Alleged wife Afshan Masood’s remarks about IK on media

LONDON: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan’s alleged third wife Afshan Masood has surfaced on media for the first time, just a day after the news of IK’s third marriage flashed.

Afhsan, who was  spending quality time on vacation with her two kids in London, say the news has ruined her vacations.

She went on to say that Pakistan media has no ethics, and all the media channels, and newspapers have been splashing her picture on media whole day, without her permission.

The tragedy has not only embarrassed herslef, but also her family, she said.

Afshan Masood further said that she has been receiving calls from her family members inquiring the reality of news media channels have been splashing for ratings.

Afshan said, she even does not know Imran Khan personally and media has created all this drama out of nowhere.

She pledged to launch a case against all the TV channels who showed her pictures on TV without her consent.

Here is the complete video of what she said on TV:

Afshan Masood third wife of Imran Khan? watch… by vidzdotcom


Credit: vidzdotcom