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Man vs Thoughts – by Aisha Niazi

When you have so many things to write, your mind would not help you to chose one topic and leave the other. What you want and what is the need are two aspects so mind will not give you hint, unfortunately it is such a collapse. What you think, when in the phase of this uncertain life, you have to do so many things, you have so many desires and lots of issues to get solved but life give you fishy look…o man you are in danger.

My philosophy says, the more you think, the more you become sensitive and conscious because time is flying and you are not doing what you actually should do. So at this situation I try to calm myself by saying trust your Lord He will solve the issue. O Man, you always remember your God when you see, you cannot do anything good on your own. The half issue is solved. But who knows what God has planned for you, so you have to get ready and wait for turn.

Apart from waiting, you should have to surrender your evil thoughts and doubts. You keep on pondering for the result of the prayers and if it came not in your favor, you start thinking, is it trial or blessing? No one can answer you but your life would response you after some decades. Then you will come to know about yourself and your thoughts.

Thoughts can either be your best companions or worst enemies, its up to you how you train them and how you allow them to live in your mind. Let me give you some suggestions

  1. If you love yourself and you wish people should love you, create positive thought for them and express it.
  2. Of course you have common sense as everyone has, so use your common sense when you are involved in conversation, don’t try to insult other by imposing your thoughts.
  3. Don’t indulge in some discussion if you have don’t have any idea about the matter, in that case you will prove yourself stupid. And don’t forget first impression is sometimes last impression.
  4. Listen carefully what people are saying and show interest in listening them, it may help you to create a wonderful and surprising thought to impress other but express it in humble way.
  5. Read famous authors quotations on daily basis, I will really help you to produce something very positive.
  6. Write a page daily regarding what you think about yourself, your surrounding and the people around you but before writing make sure you have to be positive minded.
  7. Live life in simple way and let the people live as they wish to live, as simple life style will give you new perspective to think and take steps for your future in better way.
  8. Don’t waste your expressions on the ones who don’t want to listen to you, be selective for your audience.


I wish May happy thoughts would be your best friends for entire life and you conquer the world with your positive thinking. 🙂

Blogger Aisha Niazi, Mphil in applied linguistics from Riphah International University, teaching in a private university of Lahor.