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Who is Imran Khan’s third wife?

LAHORE: Imran Khan’s third marriage’s rumours are hot in media. Though Khan has denied the reports, but sources insist that the marriage has taken place.

The reported bride of Imran Khan is from a well known “Manika family” of Pakpattan, namely Maryam who is elder sister of Bushra, a daughter-in-law of Maneka family.’

It is worth mentioning here that Bushra is Imran Khan’s ‘spiritual guide‘. She is the wife of Customs Officer Khawar Farid Maneka.

Just like Khan, she is also a divorcee and lives in Dubai with her two children. But, sources have also reported that the lady is in London these days, enjoying holidays.

Interestingly,Khan too is spending time with his children during his private visit to London.

The lady has been helping Imran Khan in fund raising abroad and according to unconfirmed reports,  she also is in contact with him.

-Picture of Maryam, the alleged third wife of Imran Khan

Picture of Imran Khan's third wife leaked! |