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Imran Khan to announce third marriage in Public

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf chairman Imran Khan has denied the rumours of secret marriage and said that he will celebrate and announce it in public whenever he does so.

PTI chief took Twitter to turn down the speculations on media, “Rumours abt my marriage absolutely baseless. I have not gotten married. When I do I will announce & celebrate publicly,” Khan said.

Khan’s marriage rumours came a few days after an interview he gave to an Indian newspaper where he said he was “open” to the idea of a third marriage.

The former cricketer’s first wife was British journalist and activist Jemima Goldsmith.

Khan and Ms Goldsmith were married for nine years and divorced in 2004. They have two sons who live in the UK.

He had his second marriage with London-based BBC presenter Reham Khan in January 2015, but both parted ways just after 10 months.