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Was AS Edhi an Etheist? A video which made him controversial

KARACHI: There is no doubt that Abdul Sattar Edhi was arguably the biggest social worker, humanitarian and philanthropist of his era, but there are many doubts on his religious beliefs.

 Edhi Sahab was probably one of the most kind and uncontroversial person on earth, but he too was controversial when it came to religion.

He has been quoted saying himself a fan and believer of Marxist ( Founder of Communism).

Following is a video of Abdul Sattar Edhi in which he said boys and girls can have intimate relation after reaching to age of consent (age of adultery), and they are legally husband and wife.

Edhi Sahab also said Molvis (Muslim’s religious leaders) call me  Atheist but he does not care at all.

Here is the complete video.

Mujhey Tu Jahanum Mein Jana Hai, Wahan Dukhi… door vidzdotcom