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Moon not sighted in Canada, Eid on Wednesday

WASHINGTON: The Shawwal moon in Canada has not been sighted so far. There are very high chances of Eid al-Fitr 2016 to fall on Wednesday.

The sun has set in Canada, and no any testimony of sighting Shawwal crescent has yet been reported.

The Hilal Committee of Canada has also confirmed that no testimony has been reported either from South or North America, or from Canada itself.

It is therefore understood that the first day of Eid 2016 in USA will be on Wednesday.

The Crescent Committee of Canada has announced that, “We are looking at a strong possibility of a Wednesday Eid. Sunset has occurred in all regions of S. America. No sightings have been reported. Visibility maps are indicating no possibility of sighting in N. America. However, following the sunnah, the Crescent Committee will wait for sunset in key regions of N. America, hence our final declaration for Eid will be made later after Maghrib prayer (EST time) InSha Allah.”


The Shawwal crescent was also not spotted in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. These countries will also observe Eid al Fitr on Wednesday.

On the other hand, Muslim countries of South Asia like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran will observe moon sighting today after Maghrib Prayer.

If the moon is luckily sighted there, then it would be first time ever the Muslim world will observe Eid a;-Fitr on the same day.