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See what Mahira says about her family, nickname and favorites

Usually we hear more about Mahira Khan’s films, roles and other projects but here is a candid talk with the classy diva in which she talks about her family, nicknames, favorites and other aspects of her personal life.

These are the questions asked by Nida Yasir in her morning show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’. Here are the amazing replies Mahira gave,

Q: How much time you take to get ready Azlaan and how much you take it to get ready yourself?

M: ‘Buhat he kam’, she says. I just need a few minutes for both.

Q: What if there is no one at home to cook for you?

M: I just cooked eggs yesterday with all the ingredients like chopped tomatoes, onions, fresh green coriander and importantly, green spices. I just love spicy green chillies. I can have green chillies directly, even when they are not cooked.

An amazing revelation Mahira made was that she got the title ‘Bhooli Si Surat’ when she was doing her O’levels. She also got ‘Bar Bar Dekho’ title in college events.

Q: What used to be your reaction when boys proposed you in college days?

M: I remember on one valentine day, when I was in senior school, I was sitting with my friend ‘Insiya’ in corner and was talking about Valentines saying ‘What is this etc’. Suddenly, there were just flowers and flowers from some unknown person. So, we were like what’s happening.

Q: Had you ever thought about becoming a film star in your childhood?

M: It was my only dream! I used to play lot of games like wrestling, Ninj turtles with my brother and cousins. I locked my room so that I can dance on songs. I love wearing Sarees too.

Q: Mahira’s nickname?

M: Sarmad Khoosat, a close friend of Mahira calls her ‘Gangoo’.

Q: Other than Azlan, what’s your weakness?

M: If I ever see rice somewhere, I just can’t control myself. Daal and Chanwal are my favorites. Eggs are also my weakness.