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Do you know dot in your Gmail address does not matter

Whenever you form an email account, you are accustomed to remember each and every detail about it, whether it is some unique symbol or the alphabets. But for Gmail address you don’t need to remember the dot in your email address because it does not matter.

It may sound surprising to you as whenever you tell your cronies your Gmail address you tell him or her with a lot of emphasis that there is a dot because you believe it that without the dot email would be bounced back or sent to some other person.

But for Gmail users this is not true as Gmail ignores the periods in its users email addresses altogether.

As a post on Google’s help forums clearly explains:

[email protected] = [email protected]

ho[email protected] = [email protected]

[email protected][email protected]

It is pertinent to mention here that this is not a new development rather it has been this way for years. But this news has created a lot of confusion regarding what companies consider periods and which company does not. So, here are the companies and their ‘dot policies’.

Dots Matter: Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Apple iCloud

Dots don’t matter: Gmail, Facebook

Dots strictly prohibited: Twitter

So next time you are telling someone your email address, you don’t need to tell that it contains a dot.