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Imran and I can be friends again: Maulana Fazl

PESHAWAR: Jamiat e Ulalama e Iislam  Fazl (JUIF) Chief Maulana Fazl ur Rehman has revealed that he and Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) Imran khan were once very good friends in the past.

While speaking with famous journalist Salim Safi, Maulana stated that he and Imran Khan were very good friend until 2002, but Jamima’s issue separated them.

Maulana said, “We’re good friends that I even voted in favour of Imran to make prime minister in 2002. Marriage with Jews is halal in Islam, but Jamima’s family does lobbing for Zionism, and that’s what irked me more.”

“Though, he [Imran Khan] has divorced Jamima, but he still meets her and his kids are being brought up by mother as per Jewish law.”

“Can Imran clarify that under what capacity he still meets his ex-wife?” Maulana posed a question for Mr Khan during his interview.

And much to the surprise for host and his followers, he stated that if Imran gets away from his recent activities 9regarding Jamima and Zionism,) he and khan can be friends again.