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Four Bollywood actors and their tantrums

Bollywood celebrities are always talk of the town. Some are known to be down to earth while some have infamous reputation for showing tantrums and troubling their team on sets. Here are a few of the Bollywood actors who have shown starry tantrums,

Katrina Kaif

Four Bollywood actors and their tantrums|

Katrina Kaif allegedly shed a lot of pounds post the shoot of ‘Fitoor’. She decided to reshoot one of the scenes from the film as she felt that her current fame would be more appropriate for that scene. The scene was reshot on Katrina’s insistence. As they could not reshoot it in Kashmir, so they erected a similar set-up in Mumbai. This reshoot costed the producers a large amount of Rs 8 lakh.

Priyanka Chopra

Four Bollywood actors and their tantrums|

She is also known to have thrown tantrums on the sets of film, Anjana Anjani. As the rumors suggest, the National Award winning diva was angry with the choice, outfit combination, colour combination and everything else designer Manish Malhotra’s assistant came up with. So much so, that Manish had to come to the set himself to pacify her.

Sonam Kapoor

Four Bollywood actors and their tantrums|

Sonam Kapoor allegedly threw tantrums on the sets of Mausam, and stormed out of the film’s sets. During shooting, she got to know that she was not allotted a room. She had to wait for more than an hour. After that, she rushed to the sets and found that her make-up man, vanity van and spot boys were all missing. As a result, she stormed out of the sets and did not shoot until the crew came to convince her.

Kangana Ranaut

Four Bollywood actors and their tantrums|

She is one of the Bollywood actors famous for their tantrums in the film industry. The actress takes her assistant along with her when she travels by air. Whenever it comes to eating food on the flight, Kangana makes the airhostess run back and forth and asks her to check with her assistant for every requirement of hers.