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Easy way to retrieve Facebook data in a few minutes

Majority of us are present on Facebook for years. A lot has happened in this time period, several friends have come and gone. Obviously it would be amazing to revisit these memories which can be done by retrieving Facebook data. Here is an amazing way to do so in a few minutes.

You may have thought that the information regarding your online presence may have got lost. But it is not, this is the Facebook data you can retrieve through Facebook’s new feature. This feature has the ability to revisit those times and make a detailed summary of your entire Facebook existence.

This is an incredible feature as you may come across something you completely have forgotten. You would discover all the friends you have deleted over the years. Or would know those who never responded to your friend requests.

Here is how to do that,

Click on the top right arrow, and select settings.

Go to ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data.’ When you do that you will receive a confirmation email (to the address registered with your account).  Click on the link within the email in order for Facebook to start gathering your information.

You will receive another email within 15 minutes. When you click on the link provided, you will reach a screen saying ‘Download your Information’. Click ‘Download Archive’ option. You will have a Zip fil downloading. When the file has downloaded, open it to view the following, and click on Index.htm

You’ll now be presented with what looks like your profile (but a more basic version), along with the toolbar to the left of the screen. Go to Profile.

Now enjoy exploring and visiting all the memories in different sections.