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How to block ads and apps on Facebook

You are well familiar with the notion that nothing is for free. Keep that in mind that it is significant for Facebook as well which you very proudly claim as free. Though the currency here is different. The cost incurred is your privacy which is intruded by many apps and ads. You can block ads and apps though.

Here is how to do that.

You are aware that thousands of advertisers and apps are using your data every day and you don’t even know that to what extent your data is being used. Here is the way to block these intruders of your privacy.

Go to Facebook Settings.

Click on the Ads options on the left-hand-side. You will see a list of apps that are tracking you on Facebook.

Hover over one of the apps to reveal the Edit or Delete icons. When you click Edit, you’ll be presented with a list which indicates exactly what the app is able to extract from your data. Take your time to look at what apps are using what, and try to take back full control of your data.

Facebook has been continuously the subject of criticism for its privacy policies as the company does not even intimates its users regarding the changes it makes frequently in its policies.