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Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav follows father’s feet

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s most disciplined superstar, Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav has made his father proud by earning a black belt in Karate, but, it seems he will not be joining Bollywood like his father.

In his latest interview with Hindustan Times, Akshay said he does not want him [Aarav] to join Bollywood because of him, he rather would like his sonny boy to pursue his dreams.

Akshay says, “I just want to see him fulfil his dreams; I don’t want him to feel that he has to fulfil mine. Aarav earning his black belt means more to me than when I bagged my own. The sheer pride and happiness he has given me and his mother is something he’ll never know till he has his own child.

“I have been there throughout his struggle; I know the pain he’s been through, and the kind of dedication it takes. But this moment, and his achievement, will never be taken away from him; he’s earned my respect for life.”

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