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Simple way to evade Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 upgrade has become the most irritating thing on earth in the present time. Its frequent pops up and now a new trick of Microsoft to make sure it is upgraded on users’ system has made people fed up. So, here we are to tell you a simple way to evade Windows 10 upgrade.As you may know already that Windows 10 is expected to create long-term revenue and after July 29th, the company will charge for the upgrades. To ensure that Windows 10 is getting more and more users, Microsoft has launched the Get Windows app, which is the reason for the pop-up windows, alerts, and messages designed to persuade you to upgrade.

But there is a way to avoid all this. When the Get Windows 10 pops-up, go for the link; Click Here to change the upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade. Keep in mind that the X button is no longer going to help you.

Or you can manually remove updates and apply registry key to block the Get Windows 10 App. If you see that the Windows Update renders the upgrade started, decline the End-User License Agreement (EULA).

Another way is to disable recommended updates in Windows Update. Clean up the already downloaded installation files to recover disk space.

If you have downloaded Windows 10 updates and now want to remove it. Then here are some recommendations for you.

Restore your previous Windows version.

You can install a system backup.

Roll back within next 30 days.