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University of Sargodha under ‘Dengue’ attack!

LAHORE: One of Pakistan’s high-ranked universities, University of Sargodha’s official website has been hacked once again by an unknown student who uses name ‘Dengue’ as his identity.

According to Dengue, he was ‘forced’ to hack UoS site to convey his message, and highlighted alleged corruption, favouritism, low quality education and other problems in the university.

The hacker also wrote that ‘Teachers are gods’ in the university, students can not even cross question to their teachers, as doing so results in low marks or even failing exam.

Dengue also mentioned names of 9 teachers of faculty, who, in his/her view are corrupt and under qualified to teach their subjects.

In its ending note, Dengue presented its address and asked website developers to contact him/her so that he can mention holes in cyber security of the University’s website.