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Five ways to make your summer vacations fun

As summer vacations are approaching you, there is a long long span of relaxation and fun waiting for you. But as this is a long span you may get short of ideas after a few days. So, here we are to bring you some ideas for how to spend summer vacations and make them fun.

Sitting idle at home for two or three months is not a good ideas as we know that time is money. Here are the amazing ways to make your summers fun. Take a look,

Find Internship

Summer is the season of internships. If you want some extra bucks then this is the right time. It would be not only earning you money but also is a good activity to spend time and also it would complement your career.


It is time now to help others. This is the best way to spend your vacations as you are paying off your debt to society. There are several options in this regard. You can also consider volunteering programs held at The Citizens Foundation, WWF-Pakistan, SOS’ Children Village, SIUT Pakistan and Dar ul Sakun.

Choose a new hobby

Choose a new hobby for yourself as things may be getting monotonous for you. So, pick up a new leisure activity. This is the time to have swimming classes as this is the best way to shun the heat away. Or you can learn martial arts or drag your inner photographer out.


Read does not mean here that you have to read your course books or any complementary book. We are talking about the stiff you love to read. Select a book which interests you.


We all have been to our summer camps in our childhood. So, it is time now to make these memories alive. Organize a summer camp with your neighbors; plan a location, your camp’s theme and activities to make fun.