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Babysitter admits abusing child but not sued due to state law

SALEM, OREGON- Babysitter abuses a one year old child and admits it still he cannot be sued due to Oregon State law.

As per the details, an Oregon couple, Joshua Marbury and Alicia Quinney left their son Jacob 1, under the care of babysitter who was best friend with Marbury for a while as they were to go somewhere.

The couple came home and found the babysitter asleep on their couch while the child was crying. Next morning, they saw marks all over Jacob, including black eye, multiple bruises on his face, arms and his back. The abuse could have even killed the child.

Still the babysitter cannot be sued and charged because of a state law according to which the victim has to prove himself that he has been abused. Here the victim, the child his too young to express his pain.

Meaning that if a felony charge is to be laid against the abuser in question, then prosecutors must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim sustained substantial pain or received a physical injury.

Jacob’s father has taken to Facebook to seek justice and written an open letter so the state changes its law.

Lawmakers are asking for this Oregon law to be changed because for younger children, such as Jacob, or those who suffer from a disability, it may be more difficult to explain the pain they endured during the alleged incident.