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Akshay Kumar loses temper in ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’

MUMBAI- Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar is now on promotion campaign for his upcoming film, ‘Houseful 3’. He recently visited the sets of ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ with his co-stars and lost his temper over a racist remark.

According to the Indian media, Akshay Kumar got angry on the team of the comedy show for degrading the leading actresses of the film Jacqueline Fernandez and Lisa Haydon. According to the report, Comedy Nights Bacho subjected the ladies with some unacceptable jokes.

Everything was going fine until the comedian Sidhart Jadhav called Lisa Haydon, a Kangaroo given her Australian genes. He reportedly called her a black African.

This was not acceptable by the Khiladi actor who decided to put his foot down now. He intended to shove the comedian but it was a push and comedian fall on the stage. He later said that it was not fair to crack jokes on Lisa as her Hindi is not very good.

Later, as per Akshay’s instructions few changes were made to the script to avoid distasteful comments and the shoot resumed, concluded the report.

Though, an actor from the show denied that any racist comment was made at all.

It is pertinent to mention here that Houseful 3 is to release on June 3.