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Summer Vacations 2016: Dos and Don’ts of visiting Northern Areas

Northern areas of Pakistan are the best sites for recreational visits during vacations. And the weather we are having these days, this is just incumbent to visit them during the summer vacations 2016. So just pack your bags and board on to Kaghan, Naran or may be Gilgit-Baltistan.

But you need to keep these dos and don’ts in your mind while visiting these places. Here are they,

Pack smartly

In travelling, pack light but be smart. Make sure you have every necessary wear or item with you but that does not mean you have to pack 3-4 bags. Be canny, you don’t have to keep 5 jeans for 5 tops.

Wear more instead of wearing thick

You may be thinking that while staying in these areas, you would feel cold. This is true but not for all time. When you are under sun you would definitely sweat. And

If you are wearing more clothes instead of thick, you can easily remove some when required.

Keep your cash mindfully

Keep your cash in different places rather than stacking it in one, so just in case you lose them you are not cash short.

Write Abshar Restaurants in your must-visit list

If you have not visited the Abshar restaurants you have wasted your vacations. This is the must-do as what this vacation is meant for then if you don’t visit waterfalls in summers. Sitting under the waterfall, having parathas and pakoras and doodhpatti with the water passing in between your toes- an exquisite experience, i.e. Abshar Café Kiwai is the real thing to do.


No to cars

Traveling to these areas in cars is just unrealistic. Rent out a jeep or likewise ‘four wheeler’, the drivers are more knowledgeable about the way to lakes up at top such as Lake Saif-ul-Malook and are accustomed to drive on rough terrains.

Do not go alone

Northern areas are not safe to go there all by you. Furthermore, they are dangerous in a sense that you are not aware of the ways and thus can get stranded. Moreover, getting stranded on a place up high and alone is not something you would want.