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Six Pakistani Celebrity fights that went viral

No matter how much we adore our celebrities they are likely to make mistakes as they are humans too. Having a fan following from around the country puts you in an awkward position when you hit headlines because of some scandal. Here are the scandalous Pakistani celebrity fights which went viral on media.

Reema and Meera

Our Lollywood queens of past are at opposite poles since they entered the entertainment industry. They have had quite much blow exchanges but the one which is to be remembered in the one occurred in Reema’s wedding in 2011.  Having a fight before over their valima dates, Meera turned up in Reema’a valima uninvited probably to outdo her, which led to another fight, Reema slammed her in response to which Meer called her greedy ‘tawaif’.

Shaan Shahid  and Mawra

This one is an interesting Pakistani celebrity fight. Mawra unconsciously and indirectly gave a tweet which was in favor of Phantom and Saif and the rest is this,

Six Pakistani Celebrity fights that went viral|


Six Pakistani Celebrity fights that went viral|

Jal and Atif Aslam

Atif and Gohar were the founding members of Jal. Atif expressed wish to bring his brother to manage the band but it did not go well with Gohar. The brand broke up and there came a legal battle for the band’s name. In an interview in 2011, Atif had this to say, “I made the band, I came up with the name… I was looking for a musician and I found that guy. And one fine day he said, ‘I want to be the frontman’. In a band, there’s only one frontman.”

Abrar-ul-Haq and Jawad Ahmed

This feud is a result of professional jealousy. On an episode of Front Line with Kamran Shahid, “Abrar Ul Haq is looting people. The donation he takes is not for hospitals but he keeps the donations for himself.” Later Abrar also put some allegations on him and Jawad vowed to sue him.

Hamza Ali Abbassi and Saba Qamar

Our moral crusader was termed as Mardo ki Meera by the Pakistani celebrity, Saba Qamar. The details are as follow,

Six Pakistani Celebrity fights that went viral|

Six Pakistani Celebrity fights that went viral|

Meera and Mahira

Mahira, in an interview shared her thoughts about Bollywood and working there. She said,“The more clothes you wear, the more respect you’re given. You don’t need to do an item number for respect here.”

Perhaps out of paranoia, Meera took it personal and responded through a tweet which was deleted later, “Mahira khan doesn’t know how to act at all. Don’t waste time to watching her movies and commercials.”