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Doomsday signs which have happened already

Believing in Doomsday or Qiyamah is part of our faith. Ahadith have identified several signs which imply that Yom al-Qiyama is looming. Here are a few signs which have happened already,

People will give way to riba, indulge in alcohol, zinnah and reject Sunnah. This sign is the most obvious one as there is no place where interest is absent; it has become part of the system.

Men would adopt the appearance of women while women would adopt the demeanor of men. Plus, women would seem naked despite being fully clothed. This has also been seen now and is becoming a trend. Our modeling, especially men’s modeling is a solid example.

Ignorance will prevail, honesty will diminish and unreliable people would become leaders.

Fornication and adultery will become widespread. A disease will spread which would have no cure.

There would be sweeping storms and disastrous earthquakes which would occur in large numbers.

Homosexuality will be acceptable and would become worldwide phenomenon. Children will be born without marriage.

People will tend to be a miser and would consider charity as a burden. This is another sign of doomsday.

Time will pass swiftly, like a year passing as month, a month passing as week, and a week passing as day.