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Iran cracks down upon model industry

TEHRAN- A model couple have fled Iran to avoid persecution for anti-Islamic behavior. They have fled to Dubai for this purpose. There is another model facing trial in the revolutionary court. Allegedly Iran has cracked down upon modeling industry for promoting promiscuity.

As per the details, Iran is cracking down upon modeling industry for going aside from Islamic values. The blonde model, Alham Arab faced a trial in Iranian Revolutionary Court to make a “voluntary confession” that she made a “mistake” when she decided to become a model.

She has been charged with ‘promoting western promiscuity’ and she was supposed to pronounce public ‘self-criticism’. She said: “All people love beauty and fame. They would like to be seen, but it is important to know what price they will pay to be seen.”

And the celebrity couple, Elnaz Golrokj and Hamid Fadaei have fled to Dubai after being released on bail for similar charges.

According to Iranian media, 170 people involved in modelling have been identified in the crackdown, known as ‘Operation Spider II’, through their social media activity. It includes 58 models, 59 photographers and several makeup artists.

Those targeted by President Hassan Rouhani’s purge have allegedly had their businesses shut down, as well as their pages on Instagram and Facebook removed.

The state prosecutor in many of the recent Islamic values court cases, Abbas Doulatabadi, said: “We must fight with enemy’s actions in this area.”

According to the reports, previous Spider operation targeted, “pornography and insulting Islamic sanctity”.