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Has your Facebook page broken?

NEW YORK- Till a few minutes back, and for some even now, running Facebook pages have become unable. The Facebook page is broken all over the world. 

The problem erupted when the posting or scheduling of post was rendered impossible and the problem was not foxed for hours. Majority met an error message, “There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.”

But for some, there was no message yet the posting could not be done. Areas affected the previous night were US, Europe, Singapore and Australia. Though the problem lingered the next day as well and remained there a few hours ago.

Several page owners contacted Facebook but majority got nothing but an autoreply. Guardian, Mashable and other major sites also reported the problem.

There was a lot of frustration in the corporate sector as there had been a great drop off in reading material on Facebook. Most of the page owners expressed hope that it was only a short term glitch.

As the rest of the world woke up, they took their frustration out on the only social media platform available, Twitter.