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What happened when Sonu Nigam disguised as blind singer on streets

MUMBAI: Famous Bollywood playback singer Sonu Nigam went unnoticed yesterday when he disguised himself as a beggar and was seen sitting at a prime location in Mumbai’s Juhu area and singing some of his hit songs.

Bunch of people passing buy stayed to listen to the impressive ‘old uncle’s voice and singing talent, no one could really make out that it was the singing sensation Sonu Nigam.

The For those unaware, this was a social experiment conducted by Sonu along with a team of Being Indian group to know how Indians react to these beautiful things that they come across everyday in life.

Though, nobody could give the impression it was the legendary singer, the thing which touched Sonu’s heart was a young boy who stood by to record his beautiful voice, and in the end of the song he secretly put some amount of money for him asking ‘uncle apny nashta kia hai’? Sonu was really impressed!

Watch the video and tell us your thoughts on it!