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Trump to meet Henry Kissinger, Washington Post reports

WASHINGTON: Republican front runner for the US Presidential Elections, Donald Trump is scheduled to have a meeting with former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger on Wednesday, as the Washington Post reports.

Washington Post has cited three people close to Trump in this regard. The meeting which is to be held in New York seems to be an outcome of telephone conversations between the likely Republican nominee, and Kissinger, who held the status of top adviser to Presidents, Richard Nixon and Gerald ford (both . The above mention meeting comes after weeks of this telephonic conversation.

Trump is meeting with those personalities who held a crucial position in past. Last week he met with former Secretary of State, James Baker who had proclaimed the very same day as that of meeting that Trump’s foreign policy proposals would make the world a less stable place.

The actual reason behind these meetings has not been disclosed till now.

It is pertinent to mention here that Trump has met criticism for suggesting that US should reconsider the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and that Japan and South Korea should think about acquiring nuclear weapons to defend themselves.

Furthermore, the Presidential candidate made controversial comments about Muslims and Mexican which sparked quite an outcry in the relevant communities.