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Opposition boycotts, rejects PM’s clarification

ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah rejected all the clarification presented by Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf his and his family’s business history, Reported.

The mos awaited parliament session began with PM Nawaz’s briefing to the parliament his and his family’s business history.

Opposition leader Khurshid Shah was given the opportunity to speak after PM ended, but in his short speech, Shah stated that ejected the PM’s clarification and the opposition members walked out of the session on Monday.

Speaker National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq asked PTI chief Imran Khan to speak, but he along with all the opposition parties walked out of the parliament and boycott the session.

 Opposition leader Khurshid Shah stated the vogue clarification from PM has not answered our question but now raised questions from seven to seventy