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Kidnappers were brutal: Shahbaz Taseer

LAHORE: Shahbaz Taseer, son of slain governor Punjab Salman Taseer has finally revealed the immense torture he receiving during five years of abduction.

Shahbaz was abducted from Lahore in August 2011, and was recovered almost fiver years later in March 2016.

During an interview with BBC Urdu, Shahbaz Taseer revealed that how he was brutally tortured but yet survived because Allah wanted to keep him alive.

Responding to a question Shahbaz Taseer said revealed that he was bashed in the start, “they bashed me for over 500 times in first four to five days, then pcut my back with blade, the wounds were so deep that blood kept flowing for seven days, the plugged off my nails with pliers.”

Junior Taseer went on to disclose that he was fired in the leg, but the bullet luckily missed his shin.

“They shoot me in the leg, I was lucky enough that the bullet missed my shin, and I somehow managed to recover from it. They burried me to my neck in the earth, once for seven days, then for three days twice.” They were heartless people, kept asking my bank account and kept torturing me. I was beaten with bashes, my nails and flesh was plugged of with pliers, I was cut with blades and was kept hungry for seven to ten days.”

“I could have died, but Allah kept saving me from merciless b*****s.”

Shahbaz said he kept praying Allah for patience during the hrad time, and He finally gave him freedom.