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ICC jeopardizing bowlers’ careers: Ajmal

LAHORE: Once ranked as the world’s best bowler and known as ‘the magician,’ Saeed Ajmal has once again raised questions over International Cricket Council’s (ICC) efficiency and accuracy of equipment to test bowling actions. 
Ajmal in his exclusive interview with, expressed his concerns over the methods and equipments ICC use to test bowlers’ actions.
” No I don’t think they are. Careers are at stake here and these things need to be tested thoroughly before bowlers are banned.”
He urged ICC to give surety of 100 percent accuracy the action testing procedure.
“Can the ICC say that their testing procedures are absolutely accurate? No, they cannot. Therefore, the careers of bowlers are being jeopardised by equipment that is not totally accurate. If the ICC can prove to me that their testing procedures and equipment is 100% accurate, then I will be satisfied, but as things stand, bowlers are being banned by a testing procedure that is not entirely accurate.”
He further mentioned that still there are number of bowlers who despite having suspected action,  are playing freely without even a warning.
“There are several bowlers out there whose actions are not clean but they never get reported. I cannot name them of course but it’s obvious who I am referring to. I have video proof that the bowling actions of some bowlers are not legal but they have never been reported.”
It is pertinent to mention here that Saeed Ajmal has earlier spoken on the issue in media but he was issued a show cause notice from PCB over violation of code of conduct. With this blunt interview? has he sparked another controversy for himself?