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Clinton whisker away from Trump in Georgia poll

GEORGIA: Republican candidate for US presidential race Donald Trump is leading with 4 % Georgia poll.

According to the poll of Georgia voters, Trump is currently rated 45% to Hillary Clinton 41% in Georgia. Georgia has voted Republican in every presidential general election after 1992.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, released this weekend, finds Trump ahead of Clinton 45% to 41%, with a margin of error of 4.26 points. Georgia has voted Republican in every election since 1992, when it went for Bill Clinton, CNN reported.

The trend among Georgian voters was found to be interestingly shifting with gender gender change.

Among Georgia women, 63% of them disliked Trump, while among Georgia men it was vice versa, as 66% have an unfavorable impression of Clinton.

But even as Clinton and Trump look to capitalize on this divide, the poll reveals that voters’ distaste for the alternative doesn’t mean they like the candidate they’ll support. Fifty-three percent of men have an unfavorable impression of Trump, and 58% of women say the same about Clinton.

Wide demographic splits also fuel the statewide divide. White voters back Trump over Clinton by nearly 60 points, 67% to 19%. But more than three-quarters of black and nonwhite Georgians say they would vote for Clinton.

The poll also found that Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s remaining Democratic challenger, matches up even better against Trump in the deep-red state. Sanders would beat Trump 47% to 41% in Georgia, due in part to his ability to outperform Clinton among white voters there.

The poll was conducted May 9-12 among 822 registered voters.