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US in favor of India’s entry in Nuclear Suppliers Group

WASHINGTON: Amid the joint opposition from China and Pakistan for India’s entry in Nuclear Suppliers Group, US proclaims that India meets the missile technology control regime requirements and is thus ready for entry into exclusive club.

State Department spokesperson states that, “I’d point you back to what the president said during his visit to India in 2015, where he reaffirmed that the US view was that India meets missile technology control regime requirements and is ready for NSG membership.”

He has given these remarks in the wake of the reports that China and Pakistan have joined hands to oppose India becoming a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

“I’m going to refer you to the governments of China and Pakistan with respect to their positions on India’s membership,” Kirby says.

Defending its move to block India’s entry into the NSG, China claims that several members of the 48-nation bloc shared its view that signing of the NPT was an “important” standard for the NSG’s expansion.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan has proclaimed already that China would not let India gain entry into NSG. According the reports there is Sino-Pak collaboration on the issue that Pakistan and India will gain the NSG membership at the same time.