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Seven things you did not know last week

With the passage of time our knowledge tends to increase more and more. But in the current scenario, with the influx of too much data we get to know things every other second. So here we are to tell you these things that you did not know last week,

There exists something like eye lice

For more details read this (TheNewsTribe)

World’s most aged cat is 30 years old

For more details (Huffington Post)

Only eight passengers pass from this airport railway station

For details (BBC)

You can catch mobile signals even if you are stuck in a basement.

For details (AP)

Domino’s Pizza crew can tell when their regular customers fall ill.

For details (Oregonlive)

Prince Charles use homeopathy for his cattle’s treatment

For details (Guardian)

Buffaloes are supposed to be protected from rooftops

For details (Metro)