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Ranking: Ten most miserable countries in world

WASHINGTON DC: The recent Misery Index from Cato Institute has released the ranking of most miserable countries in world, and two major Muslim countries have made their way to this ranking.

The index is based on four key data points, Unemployment levels, interest rates, consumer prices and economic growth. Though majority of these countries have done poorly across all indicators but the indicator mentioned in the list is the one which hits the hardest.

Here is the list,


The key indicator for the misery in country is inflation. Recently the nation is grappling with severe energy shortage, food and water shortage, and political unsettlement as well.


Here the major indicator is also inflation. Inflation rate is predicted to increase and reach 35% till 2020.


Here the key indicator is GDP growth. The country is also going through a political and economic crisis.


Key indicator is inflation. The country is facing corruption at the administrative level as well.

South Africa  

Here unemployment is the factor which is hitting the country hard. Even beyond that the count is performing poorly. According to the Cato Institute, unemployment crisis is worse than that occurred at the end of apartheid in 1994.


Key indicator is interest rate in Russia for being miserable.


One of the major power in Middle East is also ranked in the list due to its interest rates.


Palestine comes in this list because of high rate of unemployment.


This state also makes its way to the list because of unemployment.


Serbia is facing political instability and surges but economically it is miserable because of unemployment.