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Nankana Sahib exhibits scenes of chaos and violence

NANKANA SAHIB: Administration’s bid to seize land from land grabbers has resulted in chaos and violence in the Nankana Sahib District of Punjab.

Angry mob started aerial firing and stone pelting to make the administration to halt the operation, which ensued in injuries of three policemen. Even Chairman Evacuee Board Trust Siddiq Al-Farooq was not saved, having his car targeted by the mob.

According to reports reaching here, Railway Road Bazaar was shut down by traders due to tense situation. Demonstrators also set the office of Auqaf Department on fire and demolished one of its outer walls.

Auqaf Department Chairman Siddique-ul-Farooq blamed PML-N MPA Zulfqarnain Dogar for leading the violent protests.

Farooq exclaimed that this was an attempt by land mafia to murder him.

Farooq said that the staff was attacked by the encroachers when it was trying to remove illegal occupation of the four-kanal trust land.

Farooq says he himself narrowly escaped the firing. Dogar, on the other hand, denied the accusations and urged Farooq to resolve the issue amicably.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the tension in Nanakana Sahib and asked administration and police to submit a report.

Farooq expresses aim to eradicate land mafia from Nankana Sahib.