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Khawaja Asif blasts Imran Khan over offshore connection

LAHORE: Federal minister and senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Khawaja Asif blasted Pakistan Therik e Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan after he confessed ownership of an offshore company.

Khawaja Asif took Twitter to thrash PTI chief and repeated his ‘koi sharam hoti hai, koi haya hoti hai’ comment to bash Imran Khan.

The minister called PTI head ‘Kaalia’ and said it was better not to moan against Nawaz Shairf. Khawaja Asif wrote, “Kalia b offshore Co wala nikla,bola tha raula na pa..look at impunity & sermons of Mr clean ..koee sharam kar koee haya kar”

Earlier, Imran Khan had confessed that he founded an offshore company back in 1983 on the advice of his accountant. He further said the company was found to avoid taxes and that the his London property was registered under company.