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Shah Rukh khan makes strange revelation about his personal life

MUMBAI- According to the media, Shah Rukh Khan is an interviewer’s delight, he keeps one engaged and entertained. In a recent interview, he made candid revelations about his personal life, which were also strange.

The fan actor says, “I am like a fakir in my personal life. I wear the baggiest clothes. I have never had the time to enjoy the money that I have. It does not seem like it, but my family and I have a very simple lifestyle.”

The actor says that he does all the right moves as demand of stardom but that is also an act. “I am used to being a star so I behave like one.” King Khan further says that he always liked material things because he wanted to know how it feels to have them.

“The reason why I liked material was that if I had not tasted it, I wouldn’t know how to give it up. You can’t give up something you don’t have. All things that I earn now are for filmmaking.”

This statement has been given by the second richest actor in world. King Khan has always been known for his simplicity and modesty. his upcoming movie, Raees is going to be released in 2017.