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Imran Khan ready to draw back call for PM’s resignation

ISLAMABAD: Charmain Opposition Party PTI, Imran Khan has proclaimed to draw his call for Prime Minister’s resignation back, if the prime minister answers the seven questions made by joint opposition committee, TheNewsTribe reports.

As per the details, the Khan has stated that he has examined the Terms of Reference (TOR) agreed upon by the committee and found them perfectly appropriate, so if the prime minister answers them satisfactorily the captain will withdraw his demand which he put forward on the Panama Leaks issue.

The ‘tabdeeli’ leader also maintains that Nawaz Sharif has to answer where his children got money to acquire assets from. Or if it was Sharif’s money, where did it come from. Khan said that the PM has to answer this.

It is pertinent to mention here that after the Panama leaks, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has become quite active and demanded PM’s resignation. There has been alliance among the opposition parties on this issue and seven questions have been put forward and prime minister has been required to answer these questions in National Assembly.

PTI has been carrying out several rallies also regarding this issue and PM’s resignation. In the meanwhile, Prime Minister was expected to come to National Assembly today but due to his commitments it was cancelled and has been postponed till Monday.