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Germany elects Muhterem Aras as first Muslim woman speaker

BERLIN: Following the feet of United Kingdom, Germany has elected its first Muslim woman Muhterem Aras, as the speaker of a state parliament.

Earleir this week, Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan was chosen first Muslim Mayor of London city.

Muhterem Aras from Green Party won the post in Baden-Württemberg from a member of a populist anti-immigration party on Wednesday.

She was elected as “Landtagspräsident” by 96 local MPs, becoming the first Muslim woman to take the office.

“We wrote history today,” she said after winning with a significant majority. Aras, 50, said her victory sent a message of “openness, tolerance and successful integration” and vowed a lively but fair debating culture in the chamber, according to The Local.

Hailing from Turkey, Aras moved to Germany along with her parents as a child and studied economics before she founded her own tax advice firm.

She started her political career in 1992, when she stood for the Greens on the local council and rose through the local party to become its leader.

On the hand, members of the anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) refused to participate in the Aras’ first session as speaker.