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Facebook News Feed to start supporting 360 degree photos

NEW YORK- Facebook has announced to add the feature which would be supporting 360 degree photos in Facebook News Feed.

This innovative feature of 360 degree photos in Facebook news feed is going to be similar to the Facebook’s 360-degree videos. So that the users can modify the outlook of the photo by just dragging finger or moving cursor.

This feature will support pictures captured with 360-degree camera, just like Rioch’s Theta S, in addition to panoramic shots taken on smartphones. Similar to their video equivalents, the 360-degree photos can also viewed with the help of Samsung’s Gear VR headsets.

Facebook also plans some modifications to the Oculus mobile app. The app will soon be improved with a new “what’s new” part, intended to highlight the recent games and videos. Later, in June, the company plans to refurbish the design of Oculus’ home screen on Gear VR as well to make it much easier to discover lately-downloaded things.

Facebook also publicized some new figures around Gear VR content. At present there are over 250 apps for the headset and 21 games that were originally introduced for the Gear but are now also offered for the Oculus Rift headset.

According to Facebook, of the apps and games presently offered, VR video remains to be some of the most prevalent content, with almost 80% of Gear users viewing videos.