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Chief Justice turns down TORs, refuses to form commission

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan, Anwar Zaheer Jamali has turned down the Terms of Reference (TORs) proposed by government and sad that they would take years to fulfill. He has refused to form a judicial commission as well.

As per the details, Chief Justice has refused to form commission involving the probe on allegations disclosed in the Panama Papers against Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif and his family. SC Registrar has informed the Law Secretary regarding the decision.

The context implies that judicial commission cannot be formed till applicable legislation is formed and all respondents agree over the TORs.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif had professed to conduct investigation into the revelations coming to surface by the Panama Papers, which claim his children owned London property through an offshore company.

Sharif implemented opposition demands for a Supreme Court appointed inquiry commission and said he would resign if it found misconduct.

In this regard, the government wrote a letter to the Supreme Court Chief Justice to form a commission, however, the process has frozen due to deadlock between government and the opposition parties regarding terms of references (ToRs) for the commission.

Opposition leader, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has termed this refusal as opposition’s victory in the matter.